Match Reports: Village Lions and Brooklyn

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Match Reports: Village Lions and Brooklyn

Last weekend the Village Lions took a large 25 to 6 advantage into the break and fought off a furious come back for a deserved 43 to 27 victory at the Lions den of Randall’s Island. Lansdowne were first to break the ice in the 5th minute. Out of a line out and ruck, Rory Murphy slammed down in the corner to give the visitors a five point advantage.

For the next 20 minutes the action was to and fro with some ground gained by each side but neither able to breach. In minute 28 however the Lions got on the scoreboard. Some lovely movement by the back line enabled their center to spring free and touch down from 15 out. The conversion gave the Manhattanites a two point advantage.

Four minutes later the Lions scored a converted try through excellent movement between forwards and backs. The momentum was with the homeside and in minute 30, a well-worked ball from one touchline to another had their winger gain space out wide as he flew into goal. The first half whistle couldn’t blow quickly enough for the visitors as the Lions demonstrated creativity in an expansive attack and scored a converted injury time try.

The second half began with Lansdowne determined to breach. In minute 42, a Lions infringement at their own 12 meter line led to a quick tap by Ryan Jones. Scrum half Jones found some space and then bulled his way into goal to renew Lansdowne confidence. But the Lions responded accordingly and took advantage of the Lansdowne infraction to score a try from a quick tap penalty of their own.

In minute 49, a Lansdowne clearance kick deep in their own territory was blocked by the Lions second row and was slammed down into goal for a converted try. Two minutes later lightning struck again. The Village Lions stole a ball out of a ruck and their center ran three quarters of the length of the field into goal. Lansdowne struck back in minute 64. Scott Cole made a couple of nifty moves and touched down in the corner.

Lansdowne got a bit of momentum going. In minute 67, Joe Giordano got the ball out of the scrum and touched down. Scott Cole converted. The Irishman closed the match scoring in minute 76. After several physical phases Brian Fingleton slammed home to make the final numbers respectable.


The first half of the match was all Brooklyn. Through solid form and excellent work which enabled the visiting forwards to set a platform for their backs to attack and keep the Lansdowne defense on the back foot, the Brooklynites had a commanding 26 to 0 advantage at the half whistle. But the second half was almost all Lansdowne. Camped out in the Brooklyn half of the field for almost the entire second half, the homeside mounted a furious comeback which was thwarted by a late long try as the Irishman were looking to take the lead.

In the 54th minute Ian McCarthy made a beautiful offload to John Giordano, who touched down under the posts. Outhalf McCarthy’s conversion got Lansdowne on the board for the first time. Eight minutes later, Alan Walsh made a great burst upfield and offloaded to John Giordano, who made a lovely game on his own. He whipped a pass out Phillip Bonfier, who powered past 4 Brooklyn defenders and slammed home. Ian McCarthy’s conversion got the Homeside to within 12.

In minute 75 it was all Lansdowne as some great work by Pat Devery, Will Horgan and Man of the Match Eoin Murphy got Lansdowne to within just in front of goal. An attempted clearance kick was partially blocked and Blake Mannion grabbed the ball and touched down, thereby proving no matter how badly concussed he is, you can’t keep a good Mannion down. An Ian McCarthy kick got the Irishman to within 5. With all of the momentum in their direction, Lansdowne were looking to take the lead late. But a partially deflected chip was completely blocked and chased down by Brooklyn. The subsequent try and conversion finished the numbers.

Lansdowne practices are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 PM on Randall’s Island field number 75. All interested players should just come on down or contact Lansdowne at any of the following: website, email or phone hotline (914)297-8429.

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