Lansdowne Impress In Final Spring Season Match

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Lansdowne Impress In Final Spring Season Match

Lansdowne finished up with a bang against NY Japan by a score of 51 to 7.   The Irishmen opened the numbers in minute nine.  Clean lineout ball at the 15 meter line from Pat Devery to Manus O’Sullivan led to a rolling maul, and Blake Mannion touched down.  Lansdowne struck again five minutes later.  John Giordano took the ball at his own 22 meter line and proceeded to juke out six separate defenders enroute to the in-goal where he offloaded to Manus O’Sullivan.  Manus touched down to double the lead.

In minute 30 another impressive rolling maul by the Lansdowne forwards saw Blake Mannion take the cue again and slam down.  The conversion by Man of the Match Alan Walsh had the homeside up by 17.  Minute 38 saw some brilliant, disciplined rucking by NY Japan.  Their outhalf touched down after a series of phases and recycled ball.  The conversion had them within 10.

The second half started slowly but in minute 10 a NY Japan infringement at midfield gave Alan Walsh a shot of goal which he dutifully converted.  The situation repeated itself four minutes later as Mr. Walsh’s conversion had Lansdowne by 16.   The Lansdowne forwards were on fire.  In minute 60, some monstrous rucking by newcomer James Cahill and Rampaging  Steve Murphy saw Mr. Cahill come up with the ball and slam down.  Alan Walsh’s conversion had Lansdowne up by 30 to 7.

Champagne rugby was on display in minute 68.   Tom Hardwick started with a terrific 25 meter dash and offload to Tom Connolly, who mirrored Mr. Hardwick as he passed out to Alan Walsh.   Alan attacked the in goal and beautifully spun out to Sean Collum, who touched down after impressively beating 2 NY Japan defenders.   Lansdowne’s confidence was sky high at this point and it was apparent at the breakdowns.   James Cahill scored his second try of the day after some monstrous work on his part at the point of contact.   Alan Walsh’s kick had the Irishmen ahead by 44 to 7.

Lansdowne closed out the scoring in minute 75 in spectacular fashion.  Captain Mark Giordano made a beautiful 40 meter run and spun out to his brother John, who impressed with the lovely dash as well.  His smooth as silk offload to the streaking Blake Mannion saw Blake beat two defenders in slamming down for his third of the day.   Alan Walsh’s boot finished up the numbers.

Lansdowne practices are held every Tuesday and Thursday on Randalls Island field 75 at 7:30 PM.  All interested players should just come on down or contact the club at any of the following: website, or phone hotline 914-297-8429.   Next up for the Club is the Jojo Moore tournament on June 6.

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